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Atari 800. But the graphics hardware was extremely flexible in the vertical dimention. One could change the color palette on every scan line, and even change the number of displayed scan lines, so it was easy to get all 256 colors on screen at once, in resolutions of NNNx200 to NNNx224 or even more.Daves Old Computers Atari XE. My complete Atari 130XE system. Clockwise from top left: Boxes for 130ST, Floppy drive, Atari 1050 Floppy Drive, Leather covers for floppy drive and main unit, Atari joystick, power supply. In the center is of course the 130XE main atari 130xe specs

Also See for Atari 130XE. Atari 130XE Users Handbooks 347 pages. Atari 130XE Owner's Manual 142 pages. Atari 130XE Service Manual 50 pages. Related Manuals for Atari 130XE. Desktop Atari 1200XL Owner's Manual (20 pages) Desktop Atari 1200 XL Owner's Manual. Home computer (20 pages)

Atari 65 XE. As the 65XE and 130XE came out in America, Atari released the same system over seas in Middle Europe under the name 800XE. This would be the final system in the XE series. The 130XE came with 64k RAM stock along with the ability to bank another 64k of RAM bringing the total RAM to 128k. Atari 130XE. The 130XE is compatible with the Atari XLXE line of computers, but adds an additional 64K of RAM, and a new Freddy custom chip to manage the banked memory. It also includes a special expansion port that was only used on the 130XE the Enhanced Cartridge Interface port. This port was used for such items as SCSI hard disk interfacesatari 130xe specs The 130XE, released in 1985, increased the memory to 128K of bankswitched RAM. The Atari 8bit computer line sold two million units during its major production run between late 1979 and mid1985. They were not only sold through dedicated computer retailers, but department stores such as Sears, using an instore demo to attract customers.

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A ATARI 800XE. The Atari 800XE was the last 8bit machine produced by Atari. It was almost the same machine as the 800XL with a case almost the same as the 130XE. It was only sold in East European countries, mainly Germany and Poland. atari 130xe specs Atari 400 800 XL XE Manuals: , 1050 Installation for UltraSpeed Hardware, Additional CoinOp Forth materials, Advan Basic Compiler manual, Advanced musicsystem, An Introduction to the Disk Operating System, Analog Computing Telecommunications System Guide, Appendix to the Atari 800XL Operator Manual, APX Astrology manual version 1, APX AtariWriter Printer Drivers, APX Avalanche version Dec 21, 2010 The Atari 400, 800, 600XL, 800XL, 65XE and 130XE were too much more than a simple video game consoles: they were very powerful 8 bits home computers. Related: atari 1200xl atari 130xe atari 800xl computer commodore 64 atari 600xl atari st commodore 128 atari computer atari 1050 apple iie atari 400 atari xe. Include description. Categories. All. Atari Atari 800XL. 5. 07. Was: Previous Price 5. 97. Buy It Now 3. 69 shipping. 43 Sold 43 Sold. 15 off. Atari800. Atari800 is an Atari 800, 800XL, 130XE and 5200 emulator for Unix, Amiga, MSDOS, Atari TTFalcon, SDL and WinCE. Our main objective is to create a freely distributable portable emulator (i. e. with source code available). It can be configured to run in the following ways:

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