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2019-11-18 19:43

Diamana S Limited Blue 60 Shafts. USED 59. 99. Mitsubishi Rayon. Kuro Kage Silver DualCore TiNi 70 Shafts. USED 39. 99. Mitsubishi Rayon. Diamana D White 72 Shafts. USED 59. 99. Mitsubishi Rayon. Diamana S Blue 72 Shafts (2) USED 59. 99. Mitsubishi Rayon. Bassara W Series 50 Shafts (2) USED 49. 99. Mitsubishi Rayon.This is the second release of a Diamana Thump Iron Shaft. The first release, in 2010, was eventually discontinued. At 160 per shaft, or 1280 per set of shafts, there was little interest. diamana shaft specs

The Japanese word Tensei means transformation in English a morethanappropriate name for this new franchise, as the TENSEI CK Series integrates more advanced materials than weve ever combined before into a single shaft series.

Mitsubishi Diamana S& D Driver Shafts 2015 By Russ Ryden, A Golf Digest America's 100 Best Clubfitter Fit2Score, Dallas Fort Worth, Texas Diamana Blue S Driver The stock shafts in the 2015 Titleist 915 drivers include the Diamana Red, White and Blue models. Diamana D& Diamana S Driver Shaft Review. 9 Replies. Mitsubishi Diamana S Can anyone give me specs or direct me to where I can find the specs to help me understand the difference between the Titleist blue Diamana Kaili shaft on the 910 range, the replacement Titleist Diamana S on the 913 range and the replacement of that the Titleist Diamana S on the 915 range.diamana shaft specs I saw that Cathi already replied, the specs for the next generation Diamana shafts are on their site, see link below. I sw my local Titleist rep and he said that all

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The nextgeneration Diamana S PLUS Series builds on the success of the original, by combining proven technologies with new innovations. is a versatile midlaunch shaft, with a higher balance point than the original. Combined with the traditional smooth bend profile, the new balance point maximizes shotmaking workability and diamana shaft specs The shaft that started it all. Diamana continues to be a proven performer trusted by many pros because of its consistency and ability to deliver under pressure. And, most importantly, because we never stop improving it as we develop new, advanced materials. Please Select A Region. Japan; United States of America; Afghanistan; Albania; Algeria; Andorra; Angola; Antigua Barbuda Mitsubishi Diamana D Graphite Wood Shaft. Starting at. 129. 0000 129. 00 The GolfWorks MR0034. Favorite. Mitsubishi Diamana S Graphite Wood Shaft. Starting at. 99. 0000 99. 00 The GolfWorks MR0077. Favorite. Mitsubishi Tensei Blue Graphite Hybrid Shafts. Starting at. 34. 9900 34 Mitsubishi Chemical Graphite Shafts MCA GOLF, INC. 1945 Kellogg Ave. Carlsbad, CA U. S. A. Phone: Fax: Email: [email protected] com

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