Cessna 510 mustang specs

2019-09-18 06:00

The Cessna Citation Mustang has a maximum range (not including headwinds, high altitude, hot temperatures, or higher capacity) of 1, 201 miles and a maximum speed of 381 mph. Common names and abbreviations: CE510, Citation Mustang, Cessna Citation Mustang, CE510.Jet Advisors provides stats on Cessna Citation Mustang performance. Looking for private jets for sale? We'll help you find the private jet you need. cessna 510 mustang specs

Weights (lb) Citation Mustang, CE510; Max Ramp: 8, 730: Max Takeoff: 8, 645: Max Landing: 8, 000: Zero Fuel: 4640c: BOW: 5, 560: Max Payload: 1, 190: Useful Load: 3, 170

Cessna Citation Mustang Specifications Cessna Mustang Specifications Here is information on the Cessna Citation Mustang Specifications also commonly referred to as the Cessna Mustang Specifications. The Cessna Citation Mustang can be described as an entry level business jet belonging to the extremely successful Citation series. Aimed toward owners of light pressurized propjets, the Mustang delivers excellent value in the compact light jet category. The Mustang adheres to Citations promise of performance, efficiency and style.cessna 510 mustang specs Find the latest prices for Cessna Citation Mustang Private Jets for sale at AvBuyer. com. View great pictures& videos, full specifications and user reviews. By using our site, you consent to our use of cookies. Cessna Citation Mustang 510.

Cessna 510 mustang specs free

Cessna Citation Mustang is the smallest and leastexpensive aircraft, belonging to the Citation family. This business jet aircraft has four passenger seats in the aft cabin and seating for two in cessna 510 mustang specs How can the answer be improved? The Cessna 510 Citation Mustang is a light twinengined corporate jet aircraft produced by the USAmerican manufacturer Cessna Aircraft Company, today a brand of Textron Aviation. The Cessna Citation Mustang, Model 510, is a verylight business class jet, made by Cessna Aircraft Company. The Mustang allows 4 passenger in a standard configuration, a toilet and seating for 2 crew in the cockpit. Similar to other jets, the Mustang is certified for single pilot operation. The Cessna Citation Mustang, Model 510, is a very light jet (VLJ) class business jet built by Cessna Aircraft Company at their Independence, Kansas production facility. The Mustang, in standard configuration, has four passenger seats in the aft cabin, a toilet and seating for two in the cockpit.

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