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May 30, 2014 Volkswagen Golf MK6 Review We road test and review the 2010 Volkswagen Golf MK6 118TSI with full specs, including fuel economy, and verdict. The 2010 VW Golf is a really impressive family hatchback.Volkswagen Passat 118TSI Wagon A smaller, more efficient engine adds another layer of appeal to a classy package. Rating: 3. 55 There's no doubt the 118TSI engine delivers on both counts. With 118tsi engine specs

The latest pricing and specifications for the 2018 Volkswagen Jetta 118 TSI Highline. Compare prices of all Volkswagen Jetta's sold on carsguide over the last 6 months. Use our free online car valuation tool to find out exactly how much your car is worth today.

List of Volkswagen Group petrol engines. The sparkignition petrol engines listed below are currently [ when? used by 2010 [ citation needed and also in Volkswagen Industrial Motor applications. pricing specs; guides. adventure guide. Volkswagen Golf 118TSI warning. Volkswagen; Volkswagen Golf; Volkswagen Golf 2010; Hatchback; Volkswagen Hatchback Range; Industry news The twincharger engine was voted the international engine of the year last year at the annual engine118tsi engine specs Despite the Tiguan 118TSI weighing 1581kg (156kg more than the equivalent CX5), its turbo engine delivers consistent midrange pulling power thanks to that broad peak torque band, and remains

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2008 Volkswagen Golf 1. 4 TSI DSG: The Golf 1. 4 TSI DSG is a road car from Volkswagen, with front wheel drive, a front located engine and a 3 door hatchback body style. It 118tsi engine specs The engine operation is controlled by Bosch Motronic ME electronic engine control unit (ECU). The EA111 1. 4l engine is the multiple time winner of the International Engine of the Year award. Despite this fact, Volkswagen replaces this engine with a more technologically advanced 1. 4 TSI of the EA211 series. The 1. 8 TSI TFSI engine of the EA888 family was designed and developed by AUDI AG and introduced in 2007. It is a 1. 8liter fourcylinder gasoline turbocharged engine with direct fuel injection. Engine Specs. Manufacturer. Volkswagen AG. Production years. 2007present day. Cylinder block material. CDAA 118 kW (160 hp) at 4, 5006, 200 The cheapest TSI engine currently on offer is the 86 hp (63 kW) at 4, 800rpm and 160 Nm (118 lbft) from 1, 500rpm. First offered on the Golf 6 as an alternative for the 1. 6 MPI, entering production Volkswagen Golf 118TSI with a 1. 4litre twincharger engine replacing the old 2. 0litre naturally aspirated engine. The 118TSI successfully marries a supercharger and turbocharger to improve

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