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2019-09-22 06:47

original advan rg. advan rg and wheels have been repaired does not include tries. advan rg 4 wheels. advan rg 17x9. 5 5114. 3 et 24. advan rg17x9. 5 5114. 3 et 24. this is rare.Advans RGD is the newest and deep lipped version of the iconic RG series wheel. The latest Flow Form Casting advancements has been applied to the RGD, resulting in a stronger and lighter wheel. This wheel is offered with two different lip sizings, standard deep and extra deep. advan rg 3 specs

Dec 12, 2012 Features& Specs Advan Racing RGD is a deep dish wheel based on the ever so popular ADVAN Racing RG model. The dish on the typical front wheel sizes vary from mm while the rear wheels vary from mm depending on the size.

Used JDM ADVAN RG Original 16x7 4x114. 3 Wheels Size: 16x7 44 4x114. 3 Finish: GoldBlue Condition: Good Used Condition. Super light racing wheel! Rare to find in this spec! We offer complete wheel refinishing service. Please email for pricing. Advan; Advan RG III Wheels. Shop For Your Vehicle Categories. Advan RG III Wheels. Manufacturers. Advan Wheels (46) Diameter Advan RGIII Wheel 17x9 5x114. 3 63mm Racing Gold Metallic. Model# YAR7I63EZ. 550. 00 522. 50. Advan RGIII Wheel 17x9 5x114. 3advan rg 3 specs ADVAN Racing RGIII. 6 spokes concave design. Lightweight flow foam cast. Available in Silver, Black or Gold.

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ADVAN Racing RSD 18x9. 5 35mm 5x120 Civic Type R Spec. Regular price 1, 899 View. ADVAN Racing RGD 17x8. 5 17x9. 5 5x114. 3 Matte Black. Regular price 1, 699 ADVAN Racing RGD 17x7. 5 50mm 5x100 (Impreza Spec) Matte Black Finish. Regular price 1, 599 advan rg 3 specs Advan RGIII Wheel 18x9. 0 5x114. 3 25mm Offset. The Advan RGIII are a 1 piece, 6spoke Flow Form Casted wheel with impressive style. Featuring two faces, GTR and Super GTR the RGIII has multiple levels of concavity for a very aggressive look. ADVAN Racing RGD Spec: 18x7. 5 48mm 5x114. 3 Application: Most FWD Application. Join Our Newsletter. Sign up for our newsletter to receive special discounts and product announcements. Advan RG III. Advan RG III. Number of Products to Show. View. Sort Products By. Sort Advan RGIII Wheel 17x7. 0 4x100 Advan RGIII Wheel 17x9. 0 5x114. 3 Offset 45 522. 50. Advan RG III. Filters. Filters. Number of Products to Show. View Sort Products By

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