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Greenlee 975 Specifications Greenlee 975 Features For use with Greenlee 2 capacity benders. Power Tool Accessories. Tool Belts and Bags. Molded enclosure protects pump, motor and circuitry in tou Greenlee# 767 Hydraulic Manual Hand Pump For Punch Driver. w Hose 6, 5000 PSI.PHONE: Hydraulic Power Pump Greenlee 975 SPECIFICATIONS Capacity: 10, 000 PSI (700 Bar) 250 CUIN (4. 000 LTR) Per Minute Rapid Advance 18 CUIN (0. 320 LTR) Per Minute At Full Pressure Height: 1512 (394. 000 MM) greenlee 975 specs

For use with all Greenlee benders. Handy pendant advance control on 980 and PS. The FS has a foot control switch. Low voltage pendant coupled to solid state motor controls eliminates contact arcing for greater reliability and longer life. Automatic or manual ram return selector valve provides more control from the pendant switch.

Greenlee 975 Hydraulic Power Pump is an electrically This instruction manual and any markings on the tool provide information for avoiding hazards and unsafe practices related to the charge at www. greenlee. com. All specifications are nominal and may change as design Greenlee 975 Specifications: Operation 120 VAC 12 HP (. 375 kW) Capacity 10, 000 psi (700 bar); 250 inch (4 L) per minute rapid advance; 18 inch (. 32 L) per minute at full pressure Length 12 (305 mm) Width 10 (254 mm) Height 1512 (394 mm) Greenlee 975 Features:greenlee 975 specs Greenlee A Textron Company 4 4455 Boeing Dr. Rockford, IL USA 975 Hydraulic Power Pump IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION Inspect pump, hoses, couplers, and fittings for wear or damage. Replace worn, damaged or missing components with Greenlee replacement parts. Worn or damaged components can fail, resulting in injury.

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975 Model Code: AC (part# 975) This item features: Automatic or manual ram selector valve. Low voltage pendant coupled to solid state motor controls eliminates contact arcing. Pendant advance control. Molded enclosure protects pump, motor, and circuitry. For use with single hose hydraulic systems with spring return rams. greenlee 975 specs Greenlee A Textron Company 975 Hydraulic Power Pump Electrical Connection Electric shock hazard: Page 7: Operation. 3. Disconnect the hose slowly to release any trapped pressure. Greenlee A Textron Company 975 Hydraulic Power Pump Note: To prevent leakage, this pump was shipped with an unvented plug installed in the reservoir fill hole. Today Greenlee is the most respected and trusted source for professional grade tools when it comes to installing wire and cable. From holemaking and bending to test and measurement, you can depend on Greenlee tools to outlast and outperform the competition every time. PUMP, HYD POWER (975) specs and documentation. Find out where to buy. F& M MAFCO has been providing tools& equipment since 1945. We specialize in heavy rigging, cranes and crane parts, crane rental, onsite tooling, construction tools and supplies, welding equipment, fabrication, safety equipment, hoist, derricks, and other unique

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