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Independent front, longitudinal torsion bars, telescopic dampers Rear beam axle, transverse torsion bars, telescopic dampersCitroen Traction Avant 11B Cabrio. The Citron Traction Avant was an automobile produced by the French manufacturer Citron. About 760, 000 units were manufactured from 1934 to 1957. The Traction Avant, designed by Andr Lefbvre and Flaminio Bertoni in late 1933 early 1934, was the first front wheel drive car in large scale production. traction avant specs

Citroen Traction Avant 11CV one of the models of cars manufactured by Citroen. Citroen Traction Avant 11CV received many good reviews of car owners for their consumer qualities. On this page we present you the most successful photo gallery of Citroen Traction Avant 11CV and wish you a pleasant viewing experience.

15 Six G. 15 Six D. 15 Six H. Dates. 1938 1947. 1947 1955. 1954 1955. Number of cylinders. Six. Cubic capacity. 2 867cm3. 2 867cm3. 2 867cm3. Bore and stroke Luxury Lift LLT 950 Traction Elevator Home Elevator Plans and Specifications (Adobe Reader or Autocad)traction avant specs The desired features in the new model included 100 kmh maximum speed, unibody construction, a consumption of 10 liters100 km, automatic gearbox and frontwheel drive. Designed by Andr Lefbvre and Flaminio Bertoni, the Citron Traction Avant was introduced at the end of 1933 by the French manufacturer Citron.

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1934 Citroen Traction Avant specs, specifications, laptimes, acceleration times, pictures, photos, engine data, top speed traction avant specs The Citron Traction avant was the product of the French massproduction pioneer of front drive and allsteel unit construction, the latter encouraged and tooled The Traction Avant, French for frontwheel drive, was designed by Andr Lefbvre and Flaminio Bertoni in late 1933 early 1934. The Traction Avant pioneered frontwheel drive on the European mass car market, along with DKW's and Adler's 1930s models. 1953 Citroen Traction Avant Familiale all versions specifications and performance data Citroen catalogue Citroen Traction Avant catalogue The following versions and submodels of Citroen Traction Avant Familiale were available in 1953: The Citroen Traction Avant 11L Hardtop Cabriolet had the same specific engineering that all the Traction Avant models at that time, front wheel drive, a monocoque body and a surprising low stance.

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