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2013 Maverick HPXMicro reveiw. The 2013 Maverick HPXMicro was designed specifically for the Mosquito Lagoon, Florida Everglades and similar areas where you have to get skinny to find fish. For comparison on the three boats check for detailed specs.Oct 06, 2014 Maverick Mirage II vs HPXV Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by googerb, Sep 30, 2014. Sep 30, 2014# 1 I've got a 15' Maverick HPXV and for a 15' boat it rides great. I run across mosquito lagoon a lot when its blowing 15 and 23, as well as I've taken it to the keys the past two years and ran out 10 miles offshore fishing the maverick 15 hpx specs

All Boats Maverick 18 HPXV. Boat Categories Description Specifications Features& Options Gallery Videos Find a Dealer. The ultimate guide boat or three person technical poling skiff. Designed for the angler who likes to throw the cast net almost as much as the fly rod, the new Mirage 18 HPX is the most versatile technical poling skiff ever

Preowned 2008 Maverick 15 Mirage HPX skiff (40 hrs) for sale in Palm Harbor, Florida (near Tampa) 20, 000. View 99 photos, 1 video, features and a good Maverick HPX. Three models for every technical fishing situation. No one boat can do it all. But these three can. No matter which model is right for you, be confident that the Maverick you choose will perform with grace and stealth in the unforgiving world of shallow water fishing.maverick 15 hpx specs 2007 Maverick Boat Co Values, Specs and Prices Select a 2007 Maverick Boat Co Model Building their first Maverick 18 shallow water fishing boats in the 1980s, Floridabased Maverick Boat Company would rapidly grow a reputation connected to durable, highquality fiberglass vessels.

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Jan 09, 2011 Maverick HPXV 15, Anyone have experience? Discussion in 'General Discussion wanted to know if anyone had any experience with the Maverick HPXV 15? How does it ride, pole? Can the boat be solo poled? Can it take the chop of Biscayne when the weather turns? and working at a maverick dealership. cutrunner, Jan 9, 2011. cutrunner, Jan 9 maverick 15 hpx specs Maverick Boat Co. , one of the country's most renownedshallowwater boatbuilders, redesigned its 17foot Mirage HPX Tunnel, shaving significant weight from the hull and adding a host of new features that saltwater flyanglers will appreciate. The 17 HPXT is one of six models, ranging from 15 to 21 Jun 24, 2015 2007 Maverick HPX 15 in Placida, FL for sale on BoatTrader. com: Maverick 18 HPXV Maverick 17 HPX T (Tunnel) Maverick 17 HPXV Maverick 15 HPXV Lockable Console Dry Storage Compartment Models shown with optional equipment, like engine, seat console, push pole, rod racks, etc. Maverick, owned by the same company that produces Pathfinder and Hewes boats, unveiled the latest in their technical poling skiff line with the introduction of the 15foot Mirage HPXV. This new boat was created to meet the demands of the hardcore ultrashallowwater angler.

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