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2019-09-17 03:24

Extreme Carbon Cub. The Carbon Cub FX is our most capable offairport machine. Building on the success of the highstrength, lightweight airframe and powerful engine of the Light Sport Carbon Cub SS, the Carbon Cub FX flies faster, flies farther, and hauls more cargo than ever before.51 Wingspan Carbon Cub S RC Airplane with SAFE BindNFly (BNF) HBZ3250 How can an RC airplane act like a drone? Easy with the advanced features this amazing Carbon Cub S carbon cub specs

The Carbon Cub EX. For those of you who are not familiar with the Carbon Cub EX and its brother, the SLSAcertified Carbon Cub SS, they have set the standard for performance and quality in their category for the past several years.

The CubCrafters CC Carbon Cub SS is an ASTM certified lightsport aircraft based on the Piper Cub manufactured by Cub Crafters. It is modernized, with lightweight carbon CARBON CUB SS Base Price: 163, 000 Gross weight (lbs. ): 1320 Empty weight (lbs. ): 900 Useful load, std. (lbs. ): 420 Fuel capacity (gals. ): 24 Payload, full std. fuelcarbon cub specs Base Price: 305, 800 Seats: 2 Main Construction: Steel tubular frame with fabric, carbon composite parts EngineHp: Lycoming O360C1G180 hp Propeller: Hartzell Trailblazer, 2blade, constant speed, composite, 78 diameter Avionics: Nonintegrated, Garmin 530 GPS Top Cruise Speed: 126 kts (75 power) Stall, Landing Configuration: 40 kts

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The Carbon Cub SS is CubCrafters lightest model. Though inspired by the classic Piper Cub, the two airplanes share no common parts. The SS is an entirely new airplane weighing 250 pounds less and constructed with half the parts of a similarly equipped Super Cub. carbon cub specs Sep 21, 2012 I happen to have the October 2010 issue of Plane and Pilot magazine, and on the cover was the Carbon Cub. In the article written by Bill Cox with photos by Jessica Ambats the specs are listed along with a very interesting article about the Cubs performance and utility on a trip through the inside

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