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For ordering information, contact a HewlettPackard Sales and Service Office. n Tells you what your analyzers specifications are. HP 856OA8561 B8563A 0perating and Programming Manual HP 8560A Spectrum Analyzer Service Manual. HP 8560A. the.Hp 8563e Spectrum Analyzer Manual a trusted source of HP. The specs and manual are available on their website, but not in PDF format as far as I can tell. HewlettPackard 8563E Portable Spectrum Analyzer. Service Manual XSeries Realtime Spectrum Analyzer Measurement Guide This document helps programmers convert hp 8563e specs

HPAgilent 8563E Portable Spectrum Analyzer, 9 kHz to 26. 5 GHz HPAgilent 8563E Specifications Continuous 30 Hz to 26. 5 GHz sweep Fast digital resolution bandwidths of 1, 3, 10, 30 and 100 Hz

Find great deals on eBay for hp 8563e spectrum analyzers. Shop with confidence. Skip to main content. eBay: NewScope6 LCD Display kit for HP Agilent 8563E 8564E 8565E Spectrum Analyzer See more like this. HPAgilent 8563E Microwave Spectrum Analyzer The HP Agilent 8563E, Spectrum Analyzer, combines outstanding phase noise, sensitivity, 1 Hz resolution bandwidths, synthesized tuning and wide dynamic range in a MILrugged package built to withstand harsh environmental conditions.hp 8563e specs HP 8590 ESeries Portable Spectrum Analyzers Technical Specifications Product Specifications and data These specifications apply to the HP 8591E, 8593E, 8594E, 8595E, and 8596E spectrum analyzers. Specifications All specifications apply over OC to 55C. The analyzer will meet its specifications after 2 hours of storage at a constant

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The HP catalog [lo indicates that the HP C has Good phase noise performance and the HP A has From the HF 8563E specifications, the testset capabilities versus testset requirements for measuring transmitter CN, were determined. hp 8563e specs HPAgilent 8563E Microwave Spectrum Analyzer 006, 007, HPAgilent 8563E Microwave Spectrum Analyzer 006, 007, HPAgilent 8563E Microwave Spectrum Analyzer with Options 006, 007, and 008 30 Hz to 26. 5 GHz Sweeps! Comes with what you see in Key specifications include Phase noise of 113 dBcHz at 10 kHz offset from the carrier, 100 db of third order dynamic range, 144 dBm sensitivity at 1 GHz, in a 1 Hz RBW. An image enhanced harmonic mixer extends excellent performance into the microwave frequencies in the HP 8563E HP 8560 ESeries Spectrum Analyzers Technical Specifications HP 8560E 30 Hz to 2. 9 GHz HP 8561E 30 Hz to 6. 5 GHz HP 8562E 30 Hz to 13. 2 GHz HP 8563E 30 Hz to 26. 5 GHz HP 8564E 30 Hz to 40 GHz HP 8565E 30 Hz to 50 GHz Unless noted, all specifications describe the instruments warranted performance under the following conditions: 5minute HewlettPackard Company certifies that thb product met its published specifications at the time of shipment from the factory. HewlettPackard further certifies that its calibration measurements are The HP 8566B is a highperformance spectrum analyzer which operates from 100 Hz to 2. 5 GHz in the low frequency band and 2 22 GHz in the

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