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Performance is where the VY was better (though I am a little reserved as I think the VZ needs a service). My girlfriend has a VY sedan on factory LPG, and when I used to jump in my VY crewman, I felt the crewman was a little more responsive.Holden HB Torana Specifications; Holden LC Torana. Holden LC Torana Specifications; Holden LJ Torana. Introduced August 9, 2004, replacing the VY Commodore. Phased out progressively starting with Sedans July 2006. On sale for about 23 months. Other models were phased out over the next 24 months. Holden Crewman Viv Police: (9C1) Crewman holden vy crewman specs

TOWING(kg) Holden approved towing package available. Towing capacity is 1600kg for all Ute models, as well as V6 manual and V8 manual Crewman and One Tonner models. 2100kg for V6 automatic Crewman and One Tonner models. 2500kg for V8 automatic Crewman and One Tonner models

VY Series September 2003 August 2004. Holden has redefined the concept of a crew cab light commercial with the introduction of its Crewman four door ute. Wheel specs for Holden Commodore series; Holden Commodore By vehicle year Correct Wheel Sizes, PCD, Offset, Rims and Tire specs for Holden Commodore series. Holden Commodore III (VY) [AUDM 2002 2004 2004 2003 2002. Estate, 5d. Saloon. Holden Commodore III (VX) [AUDMholden vy crewman specs As with the related Holden VY allwheel drive vehicles, the HSV Y Series AWD vehicles as built from September 2004 to March 2005 confusingly have Z Series compliance and Vehicle Identification Numbers; this correlates to the building of new specification Holden VZ and Z Series HSV nonAWD cars during this period.

Holden vy crewman specs free

The latest pricing and specifications for the Holden Crewman. Prices range from 4, 620 to 10, 890. View the price range of all Holden Crewman's from 2003 to 2007. holden vy crewman specs Crewman is offered in three trim levels and drivetrain options and carries most of the appointments and gadgets found in the recently upgraded VY Commodore passenger car. The base model V6 retails for 32, 490; the Smodel V6 for 38, 740; and the SS V8 for 46, 140. Specifications of the Holden VY Commodore, Calais. Gen III LS1 5. 7L V8 'V' configuration. Cold air intake. OHV design with cross flow cylinder heads. The VY. II Crewman was 5305 mm long (5310 mm for the Crewman SS), 1870 mm wide, 1498 mm tall and had a 3200 mm long wheelbase. Maximum towing capacity for V6 Crewman models was 2100 kg, while V8 models had a capacity of 2500 kg. Chronology. Introduced September 10, 2002 replacing the VX Commodore. May 25, 2003: One Tonner. August 24, 2003: Crewman. September 22, 2003: Adventura. Replaced August 2004 by the VZ Commodore. On sale for about 23 months

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