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Synyster Custom Vault. Pendleton St. Sun Valley CA, (fax)Pearloid 'Syn' wDeath Bat at 12th Fret. Scale Length: 25. 5 (648mm) schecter synyster custom specs

The Schecter Synyster Custom Guitar features Synyster Gates' iconic shape and design, finished in a sophisticated gloss black with stunning silver stripes and black hardware. Its body is created from

Like the guitar Synyster plays, the Schecter Synyster Standard Electric Guitar has a Deathbat fretboard inlay with SYN in gothic letters and a gloss black finish with silver pin stripes. It's constructed with a mahogany body, bolton maple neck, rosewood fretboard, 2 Duncan Designed HB108s, and a Floyd Roselicensed tremolo. Case sold separately. The Synyster Custom Electric Guitar is a signature model from Schecter. It shares the same design and features as the one used on stage by Avenged Sevenfold guitarist Synyster Gates. It's powered by Seymour Duncan Custom Syn Invader pickups and comes equipped with some highend appoinments.schecter synyster custom specs There are metal guitars, and then theres the Schecter Synyster Gates CustomS solidbody electric guitar, a metal monster to the core. It designed to replicate the guitar Synyster plays onstage, the Schecter Synyster Custom Electric Guitar boasts outrageously heavy tone. Every aspect of the CustomS screams Gates.

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Synyster Gates Avenged Sevenfold's guitarist Synyster Gates' uses a Synyster Gates signature Schecter guitar, as seen in this Premier Guitar video at (0: 40). According to his guitar tech, he uses several of these guitars in different colors and tunings (Mainly Drop D, but also Standard and Drop C# (Drop D down a half step)). schecter synyster custom specs The Sysyster Gates Custom S has grown a huge following in part thanks to the incredible Sustainiac neck pickup which allows for great tonal possibilities! The new, upgraded Schecter Synyster Custom S guitar is the culmination of many ideas Sysyster Gates has had over the years of playing. Schecter Synyster Custom Electric Guitar The new, upgraded Schecter Synyster Custom guitar is the culmination of Synyster Gates effort to make his signature guitar even better than before. Specs. General. Model Name. Synyster Custom. Item Number. 1740. Country of Origin. South Korea. Guitar Color Shown. Gloss Black wSilver Pin Stripes. Schecter USA Synyster Gates Signature Humbucker. Neck Pickup. Schecter USA Synyster Gates Signature Humbucker. Accessories. Knobs. Metal Knurled w Set Screw. Schecter have a gift for producing beautiful rock guitars that are hard not to pick up and shred. And this ominous Synyster Gates Custom designed by Avenged Sevenfold lead guitarist Synyster Gates himself is another excellent example of what the Californian company can do for under a grand.

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