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2019-10-15 07:09

Vulcan Raven Manual V2. 0 FIG 4 Assembling& Fitting the Anti Vibration Plate Next you need to assemble and fit the anti vibration plate. Assemble the plate using 12 or 16 silicone gel bushes according to the load it will carry. The plate is rated to around 8 Kg or 10. 5 Kg max load depending on number used. See FIG 5a to 5c below.The RQ11B Raven is a Small Unmanned Aircraft System (SUAS). The SUAS provides reconnaissance, surveillance, target acquisition and force protection for the battalion commander and below during day and night operations. The Raven and its larger SUAS counterpart, the RQ20 Puma, make up a formidable SUAS team. raven uav specs

The RQ11B Raven small unmanned aircraft system provides realtime direct intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) and target information for Air Force Security Forces. The Raven falls into the class of Air Force small UAS known as manpackable UAS.

Raven RQ11 B Video. The Raven is the most widely used unmanned aircraft system in the world today. The RQ11B Raven (Raven B) is a lightweight and lowaltitude, remotecontrolled, manportable unmanned air vehicle (UAV) system designed and developed for the US Armed Forces by AeroVironment, a company based in the US.raven uav specs Raven is a lightweight Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) designed for rapid deployment and high mobility for both military and commercial applications, requiring lowaltitude intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR).

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About the RQ11 Raven: The AeroVironment RQ11 Raven is a small manportable lightweight Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) designed to provide tactical Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) in support of forwarddeployed troops. There are two systems with the RQ11 designation, the RQ11B Raven and the RQ11A Wasp. raven uav specs

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