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An Commercial Freighter An M150 Commercial Freighter with Western cockpit. An Commercial Freighter with EFIS flight deck arrangement.detailed technical data, specifications and photos of Heavy Cargo Freighter Antonow Antonov An124 Ruslan Flugzeuginfo. net is the comprehensive civil and military aircraft encyclopedia with photogallery, airportcodes, airlinecodes, aircraftcodes, countrycodes, NATOcodes, aviation museums and an 124-100 specs

[3 antonov an225 mriya ( cossack ) Even as the An124 was going into service, the Antonov bureau was working on a specialized derivative to carry outsize cargoes, usually externally. The primary loads were intended to be elements of the Soviet Energia heavylift space booster series, including the Buran manned space shuttle.

A VolgaDnepr An 224th Flight Unit An124 inflight with 2 Sukhoi Su27s of the Falcons of Russia at the 2010 Moscow Victory Day Parade. An124 of Libyan Arab Air Cargo. Antonov An124 (Wikipedia) Antonov An124 (Air Force Technology) Antonov An225 (Wikipedia) Ilyushin Il76 (Wikipedia) Ilyushin Il76 (Air Force Technology) IL76: 20 Years in Service (1997) FAS: Military Analysis Network. Airliners. net. Goleta Air& Space Museum. Sky Corner Aviation Reference. Aviation. ru. Russian Aviation News. VolgaDnepran 124-100 specs Notable features include nose and tail cargo doors, 24 wheel undercarriage allowing operations from semi prepared strips, the ability to kneel to allow easier front loading, and flybywire control system. The two major An124 variants are the basic An124 and similar Russian civil certificated An.

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Antonov's Giant: the An124 Ruslan. The uniquely capable Antonov An124 is the world's largest production cargo aircraft, yet it was only built in small numbers due to the collapse of Communism in the early 1990s. The An was the first commercial version to appear and was granted a civil type certificate in December 1992. It remains an 124-100 specs Antonov Airlines did not renew the contract for this partnership in June 2006. Antonov signed an agreement with VolgaDnepr Airlines in August 2011 to modernise the fleet of An Ruslan into An VD standard. Antonov AN124, AN Charter. The Antonov AN124 is a heavy cargo aircraft up to 120 tons payload, front and rear loading ramps, on board cranes and cargo handling equipment, self loading and discharge capabilities, suitable for heavy machinery, oversize equipment, oil& gas equipment, aerospace industry equipment and satellites, aid& relief& peacekeeping cargo as well as military Technical specification of Antonov AN air freighter. View online and check availability Antonov An124 Technical Specifications Widebody Aircraft Parade.

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