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RADICAL OS LTD. This is a replica of Agassis unforgettable and first ever Radical. Coming with 320 g, a 1819 string pattern and a 690 cm headsize, this racquet is for tennis enthusiasts, seeking for a comeback of the early 90s. With the iconic bumblebee design,Amazon. com: head radical tennis racquet. The Head Radical OS Limited Tennis Racquet or the Bumblebee as its HEAD Micro Gel Radical OS Tennis Racquet (Strung) new Radical color, the Radical Tour features HEADs Dynamic Power Shape Previous Page 1 2 3 19 Next Page. head radical tour bumblebee specs

The Head Radical OS Limited Tennis Racquet or the Bumblebee as its users call it is a celebration of a classic frame from the past. The Radical succeeded on the super star power of Andre Agassi who used the frame on his way to number one in the world in 1995.

Apr 30, 2006  I recently acquired a Head Radical Tour racket (the yellowblack bumblebee one) and a Radical Tour Trysis 260 racket (almost identical to the Radical Tour Head Radical Bumble Bee Agassi Ltd Racquet. Price: 329. 96. We string according to your specifications. Follow the instructions below for selecting a string and be sure to enter tension. Select Grip Size. i. Dunlop Srixon Revo CX 2. 0 Tour 18x20 Sale: 199. 95 Was: 349. 95.head radical tour bumblebee specs HEAD Radical Tour Graphite Paddle The Radical Tour Graphite Pickleball Paddle is a long, tough paddle that will grant you super speed. Thanks to the carbongraphite face you'll find out just how quick pickleballs react as you leave opponents in the dust.

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Find great deals on eBay for head radical tour. Shop with confidence. Skip to main content head radical tour 630 head pro tour 630 wilson pro staff 85 head radical trisys head pro tour 280 head radical tour paddle head radical tour pickleball head radical tour mp head New Listing Head Radical Tour Trisys 630 bumblebee L3 PT57A. Pre head radical tour bumblebee specs The Head Ti. Radical is a good example. Endorsed by Andre Agassi, it's been one of the most popular selling racquets in recent history. Yet despite its success it's being replaced with a more technologically advanced Radical. Beam Width: 21. 0mm: TipShaft: 21. 0mm 21. 0mm: Composition: LiquidMetal Titanium Graphite and Piezzo Electric Fibers: Power Level: Low: Stiffness: 63 [Frames for Sale [Dunlop Pulsar Classic [Head Calibre 600 [Head Genesis Pyramid XL [Head Ti. Elite XL [Prince Extender Mach 1000 [Kennex Silver Ace (Original) [Snauwaert Ergonom [Wilson Profile 2. 7 [Wilson Profile 3. 6 [Wilson Profile 3. 0 AireShell [Yamaha Focus 20 [Yonex SRQ Ti 400 Long [Head FXP Radical Team [Head Radical Tour HEAD Agassi Radical Limited Edition Racquet Review. In 1993 HEAD developed the original Radical racquet specifically for Andre Agassi. Agassi went on to win 37 of 60 titles with the Radical. Some of the most memorable Agassi victories with the HEAD Radical include his Olympic Gold Medal in Atlanta as well as seven of his eight Grand Slams.

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