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2019-09-18 06:47

Note: If running on both desktop and mobile, Twitter recommends following the mobile specs to ensure the image will be displayed properly on all devices. MultiImage Card The MultiImage Card is the newer, more interesting enhancement to the Image Card.App Card. Image credit: Twitter for Business An app Card is used to promote mobile apps and drive installs. They show the apps name, description and icon, as well as highlight the rating and price. twitter card specs

When an app with cards enabled is mentioned on Twitter, this card shows the apps name, ratings, price and icon, along with a short description. The link takes viewers directly to the App Store to download.

Twitter Website Card specs The tweet above from the New York Times is a singleimage website card. But there are several other types of website cards you can create when you sign up Note: When using the same image across desktop and mobile, we recommend sticking to the mobile specs which will work across both. Selecting desktop specifications may result in cropping on mobile. Mobile. Tweet copy: 280 characters are available when composing Tweets using www. twitter. com and our native applications. In ads. twitter. com, 280 characters are available in the creatives dropdown andtwitter card specs These cards format tweets of your website content in a specific way, like the summary card with large image shown below. Twitter summary card with large image example. Each card type has a specific image size that works best, which you can review in the Twitter support center.

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Learn how to create Twitter Cards for your business. Try publishing at the same time on the same day and keeping your message the same except for the Twitter Card to rule out the influence of other variables that contaminate your results. twitter card specs With Twitter Cards, you can attach rich photos, videos and media experiences to Tweets, helping to drive traffic to your website. Simply add a few lines of markup to your webpage, and users who Tweet links to your content will have a Card added to the Tweet thats visible to their followers. These recommended dimensions (280 px by 150 px) are the minimum requirement Twitter has imposed for photo cards. The photo card puts your image at the center of the tweet. The photo card puts your image at the center of the tweet. Twitter card tags look similar to Open Graph tags, and are based on the same conventions as the Open Graph protocol. When using Open Graph protocol to describe data on a page, it is easy to generate a Twitter card without duplicating tags and data. Player Card. Native to the Twitter platform, the Player Card offer users a oneclick experience for a Promoted Video. It displays highquality video content and is designed to be shown on a costperview basis, meaning you pay only when someone clicks your video ad.

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