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Nov 27, 2017  The Lamborghini Diablo VT 6. 0 has a naturally aspirated twelve cylinders in V longitudinal middle engine with a maximum power outpup of 550PS available at 7100 rpm, and a maximum torque of 620Nm available from 5500 rpm, transmitted to the 18Diablo VT 6. 0 and VT 6. 0 SE Lamborghini Diablo VT 6. 0 In 1994 Chrysler left F1 and sold Lamborghini to a group of Indonesians, by 1998 Audi AG took over Lamborghini from its former Southeast Asian owners, MyCom and V'Power and set out to modernize and refine the Diablo, while its replacement, the Murcilago, was developed. diablo vt 6.0 specs

2000 Lamborghini Diablo 6. 0 VT specs, specifications, laptimes, acceleration times, pictures, photos, engine data, top speed

The Lamborghini Diablo VT 6. 0 weighs a stated 1625 kg at the kerb. Top quoted speed is 335 kmh, which equates to 208 mph, and carbon dioxide emissions are 539. 0 gkm. See full specifications on Carfolio. com. Thirty yearsto the dayafter I received my driver's license, I was in Vairano, Italy, charging into a test track corner at 180 mpha bit too hot, perhapsin a 2001 Diablo VT 6. 0.diablo vt 6.0 specs LamboCARS main Diablo Diablo VT 6. 0 the SPECIFICATIONS. Diablo VT 6. 0 the SPECS. Last update on May 8. 2015 in Diablo. General. Type. Diablo VT 6. 0. Years built. 2000 2001. The LamboCARS. com article written by Mark Smeyers on the Diablo VT 6. 0 Press release. The official press release from Automobili Lamborghini SpA on the

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The 6. 0 comes from the new engine's capacity which was also used on the Diablo GT, but with updated ECU software and a better variable valve timing system. 8 Photos LAMBORGHINI Diablo VT 6. 0 2000 diablo vt 6.0 specs Story. The Lamborghini Diablo VT 6. 0 represented a facelift for the model, with Lamborghini utilising their knowledge in composite materials by producing most of the body panels in carbon fibre. Diablo VT 6. 0 Special Edition the SPECS. Last update on May 8. 2015 in Diablo. General. Type. Diablo VT 6. 0 Special Edition. Years built. 2001. Production. 42 units. Limited edition, so could be hard to find and prices are a bit higher compared to the normal Diablo VT 6. 0. Print these specifications. Lambo search. more on the Diablo VT 6 All specifications, performance and fuel economy data of Lamborghini Diablo VT 6. 0 (404. 5 kW 550 PS 542 hp), edition of the year 2001 for Europe North America Japan, worldwide, including acceleration times 060 mph, 0100 mph, 0100 kmh, 0200 kmh, quarter mile time, top speed, mileage and fuel economy, powertoweight ratio, dimensions, drag coefficient, etc. Read the review and see photos of the 2001 Lamborghini Diablo VT 6. 0 at Car and Driver.

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