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Score can be cancelled by pitching a washer into the same hole as competitor. Opposing washers zero one another. (i. e. , competitor one scores a 1 and two 3s, competitor two scores a 1, a 3 and a 5. Result: Competitor one gets 3 points, competitor two gets five points) First competitor toHow to Build a 3 Hole Washer Game. The next one should be 13 and 58inches from the top of the board, and the third should be 21 and 78inches from the top of the board. These three marks will be the center of the three holes on each piece of plywood. Trace three circles each having a 4 and 34inch diameter on each piece of wood, 3 hole washer board specs

Jul 17, 2012 3 Hole Washer Boards 2006EE. You must be a subscriber to. Subscribe Now. Joined: Dec 2, 2010 Posts: 45, 549 User Profile Ignore Search for the Outdoor Board FAQ thread. I reccomend using google advance search.

Official game board specifications. Washers has many different boards of play. The A. W. A. A. uses just one. The boards are 12 inches wide by 48 inches long and 4 inches tall. Each board has three, 3 inch holes spaced at 12, 24 and 36 inches. The two boards are spaced 10 feet apart from each other. Find for discount 3 Hole Washer Board Dimensions check price now. online searching has currently gone a protracted manner; it's modified the way customers and entrepreneurs do business these days. It hasn't done in the concept of searching in a very physical store, however it gave the customers another means that to buy and an even bigger market that provides bigger savings.3 hole washer board specs 3 hole washer toss boards with backstop& drink holders. The boards can be played in the flat position or on an incline. The backstops and the washer boards stand on their own.

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NATIONAL ADULT WASHER TOSS RULES 1. ELIGIBILITY: A contestant must be at least 20 years of age at the time of the competition and One hole will be in the exact center of the board, with an additional hole twelve inches (center to center) in each direction. The two boards will 3 hole washer board specs Aug 04, 2018  To build a washer game, start by determining which playing style youre building the game for, like 3hole boards or 1hole boxes. Then, cut 4 pieces of 2by4s and screw the corners together to create a square frame. 2) Three points are scored for the center hole. 3) Five points are scored for the last hole on the board. To score points the washer must fall entirely into the hole. If a washer is knocked into a hole either by an opponent or by a team member, the points go to the player who originally threw the washer. Pair of Three hole washer boards. 32 x 16 playing surface. 12 Sanded Plywood top. High Grade pine frame. Dark Green Indooroutdoor carpet. PVC Cup inserts. All boards are screwed together for increased durability. Take the game of washers anywhere you go with these mobile boards. Includes rules and scoring diagrams. 3 Hole Washers 8. Step 13 Cut Holes in Carpet for Cups Using a utility knife, cut a 6 slice pizza pattern into the carpet over each of the board holes. Then flip the board over, and pull tightly on each pizza slice and staple it to the underside of the board.

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